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Instant Pot Osso Bucco From the Cross Bar C Kitchen

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

Beef Osso Bucco Instant Pot & Stove Top

Today, we are sharing a recipe for a highly rated, but often understated cut of beef that we sell at Cross Bar C Deridder. This recipe makes a wonderful Sunday night dinner that will get the kids around the table and possibly off their devices for a short while!

What is Osso Bucco?

  1. an Italian dish made with veal shank containing marrowbone, stewed in wine with vegetables and seasonings. (source: oxford dictionary)

Osso Bucco is a wonderful flavorful dish that when cooked just right yields a beautiful, succulent brown gravy to be served over mashed potatoes, rice, or polenta. The meat literally just falls off the bone. If you love cooking with bones like we do, you'll love this cut. The bones releases it's marrow into the gravy making is delicious and nutritious.

Where on the animal does Osso Bucco come from?

Osso Bucco is a dish made with a thick cut shank, meaning it comes from essentially the leg. Here at Cross Bar C , we cut off the back shanks of the animal. They are dry aged 21 days to bring forth a deep rich beef flavor.

Recently, one of my favorite Aunt's contacted me to let me know she found a great recipe for the Cross Bar C Osso Bucco. Her entire family pulled up to the table for this Sunday dinner and she wanted to share it with our community so you can try it on your family too!

My Aunt followed the stove top recipe linked below with one change, she replaced the Port with Zinfandel. She said this step is important because the wine helps break down the proteins in the meat. This method results in a tender, fall off the bone meat ready to be served on top of your favorite mashed potatoes.

Beef Osso Bucco Instant Pot & Stove Top

Click below for the recipe and let us know what changes you make and what your family thinks!

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