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Beef Steak

We sell directly to our customers at three different farmer's markets each week.  We suggest you pre-order for best selection but it is not necessary.  We have inventory on hand at each market. 

Prices & availability subject to change.

Dry Aged 14-21 Days
packaged ribeyes.jpg

Filet $23.99/lb

Tomahawk $23/lb

Ribeye $18.50/lb

Porter House $17.99/lb

T-Bone $15.99/lb

Strip Steak $14.25/lb

Sirloin Steak $12.50/lb

Skirt Steak $9.25/lb

Flank Steak $9.25/lb

Cube Steak $8.50/lb

7-Steak $8.50/lb

Bone In Round $8.50/lb


ground beef.jpg

Ground Beef $7.50/lb 

Beef Tips/Stew Meat $12.50 1.5lb package

bones roasting broth.jpg

Oxtail $10.25/lb

Tongue $8.99/lb

Calf Liver $7.99/lb

Heart $8.99

Bouie/Debris $6.99/lb

Tallow $3.75/lb

Pikes Peak Roast.jpg

Boneless Roast 

Chuck Roast $8.99/lb

Rump Roast $8.99/lb

Sirloin Tip Roast $8.99/lb

Eye of Round Roast $8.99/lb

Tri-Tip Roast $12.50/lb

Bone-In Chuck $8.25/lb

Bone-In Shoulder $8.25/lb

packaged ribeyes.jpg

Brisket $9.25/lb

Dino Ribs $9.25/lb

Short Ribs $9.25/lb

Half & Whole (6).png
  • Whole = $3300

  • Half = $1650

  • Quarter $825​

Prices based on 600lb hang weight.  *These are estimations. 


We take deposits to hold your animal & processing date.

Whole $500 Deposit

Half $250 Deposit

Quarter $150 Deposit


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