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Beef Steak

How To Order

We sell directly to our customers with pickup at several weekly local farmer's markets. 


Order by email:

Order by phone and text: 225-685-9221

Seasonal product. Prices & availability subject to change.

pork chops.jpg

Pork Chops $7.49/lb

Ground Pork $6.49/lb

Ham Steaks $5.49/lb

spare rib pork.jpg

Country Style Pork Ribs $6.49/lb

Spare Ribs $6.85/lb

Tenderloin $10.25/lb


Liver $5.20/lb

Heart $6.00/ea

Kidney $5.00/ea

Feet $2.99/lb

pork boneless loin roast.jpg

Boneless Ham Roast $4.49/lb

Bone-In Picnic Roast $4.49/lb

Bone-In-Boston Butt Roast $4.49/lb


Whole Belly w/skin $6.50

Pork Skin $3.49/lb

Hocks $3.49/lb

Pig Tail $3.00/lb

Jowls $4.49/lb

Head $2.49/lb

Fat/Lard $2.49/lb


Whole & Half Available

Call for more information.

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